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Nothing is more secure than fiber

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Connecting Medina County to the World

Data Transport

Ethernet networks help institutions receive the reliable data transmission they need today while remaining versatile enough to meet the network design requirements of tomorrow.

Costs stay in check thanks to our excellent alternative to VPN and frame relay services. We allow clients to extend local area networks (LAN) into Ethernet networks, without the costs associated with operating a WAN, multiple VPNs, or point-to-point connections.


At the heart of our regional intranet are multiple high-speed connections to separate Tier 1 IP backbones at speeds up to 5Gbps or greater. Thanks to our physically diverse high-speed network connections, we are capable of providing high availability, diversity and redundancy to our upstream Tier 1 IP network providers and the country’s leading research and education networks, including Internet2 and the National Lambda Rail. We can guarantee intranet rates of availability, transit delay and packet delivery through best-in-class service-level agreements to your primary upstream Internet service providers.

Dark Fiber

Does your organization rely on transfers of high volumes of information? We provide secure, flexible fiber services that meet your needs.

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