Why is the Medina County Fiber Network so important?

The Medina County Fiber Network comprises many miles of fiber-optic cable. Fiber-optic lines move electrical impulses at the speed of light and are orders of magnitude faster than traditional phone and cable company connections. This greatly enhanced capacity opens the door to a whole new world of applications and connectivity.

To better understand exactly how quickly data can be transmitted via a fiber optic network, consider how long it would take to download the full contents of a standard DVD using various connection methods and speeds:

Speed Test



So what do the speed advantages of The Medina County Fiber Network mean to the business world? Consider some of these applications enabled by high-speed fiber-optic broadband:

  • MANUFACTURING: Fast – even instant – sharing of high-resolution images and extremely large files between sites, the opportunity to test new and innovative applications online
  • HEALTH CARE: “Telemedicine.” Providing high-definition video connections between patients and specialists anywhere in the world, fast sharing of electronic medical records
  • EDUCATION: Distance learning, student access to learning materials from both home and school, complementing textbooks with online resources
  • GOVERNMENT: Cost savings by providing a wide range of citizen-centric services online, greater efficiencies among departments
  • PUBLIC SAFETY: Connections that allow emergency workers to communicate across disparate networks, between jurisdictions, and across agencies


A 2012 study of broadband’s impact on business showed that companies using high-speed broadband report median annual revenues approximately $300,000 higher than those that do not use broadband.

In short, broadband is in many ways the “infrastructure of the 21st century.” One hundred years ago, economically prosperous regions grew largely on the strength of their transportation networks (roads, rail lines, bridges, etc.) Now, fiber-connected regions are the ones best positioned to flourish in the new knowledge economy.

The Medina County Fiber Network takes that first step for our community.

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One of the goals at Philpott Solutions include helping our valued customers prosper. That’s exactly what the association with Medina County Fiber Network has done for our firm. Their network, service and speed allow us to communicate effectively with our customers and has contributed to our company’s growth.

David Ferrell, Philpott Solutions


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