Williams and Batchelder, LLP., was founded in 1880 and still overlooks the Public Square of downtown Medina. The firm’s attorneys represent individuals, businesses, and institutions in a variety of practice areas from wealth management to business law and litigation.

Williams and Batchelder has seen over a century of new technologies come and go but still had its eye on the future of law.

When it came time to overhaul their current server, Williams and Batchelder took the opportunity to upgrade both their service and phone system to support internal staff and customers better.

Were you experiencing any issues with your current service?

“There really wasn’t an issue with our service when we decided to make a change, and it was more about the future than anything.

The speed wasn’t too bad, but you can always use an upgrade, and we noticed an increase when we made the switch to the Medina County Fiber service.”

Why the change to fiber?

“We ended up making the switch because we were doing an overhaul of our whole system. We had purchased phones probably 20 years ago, and they were going bad, voice mail problems, and clarity issues.

At the same time, we were looking to replace our server but more importantly, we knew we had to make a change as to how we used the capabilities of the server and how the server was being supported how we were doing our server. We have always had an inhouse server that we replaced every 3-5 years with all our files, emails, and everything on it.

After looking at our options, we decided it was time to embrace better security and backups. We wanted something with offsite backup and a more secure server. Security is vital for us with what we do. We have a lot of confidential information about people, and we want to do absolutely everything we can to protect our data.”

How did the Fiber Network help meet your goals?

“We aren’t an overly digital business, but we know that everything in law and even most aspects of life is headed in the direction of having good digital capacity. We knew for both our communication and security, moving to fiber was the best move right now and for the future. Technology affects every kind of business, and we know law is moving in the direction of the cloud, and it was our goal to make that move.

By moving to the fiber network, we were able to use LightSpeed (a Medina cloud service provider) to host our server. Knowing that we don’t have to replace our server every 3-5 years and that it is always up-to-date, and protected from viruses and other vulnerabilities is a big plus for us.”

Would you recommend the Medina County Fiber Network to other local businesses?

“The county offering the fiber network is excellent. We think having fiber in the community makes Medina County more competitive and marketable. I think it sets us apart and gives us more opportunities that other counties of our size don’t have.

If you are a company, how could you not want to do business where there is a fiber offering? We didn’t have any difficulties switching service to fiber when totally overhauling our systems. We think it has been very beneficial for us.” Is your business ready for an upgrade? Learn more about the Medina County Fiber Network.