Superior access, speed and performance

At the heart of our regional intranet are multiple high-speed connections to separate Tier 1 IP backbones at speeds up to 10 Gbps or greater. Thanks to our physically diverse high-speed network connections, we are capable of providing high availability, diversity and redundancy to our upstream Tier 1 IP network providers and the country’s leading research and education networks, including Internet2 and the National Lambda Rail. We can guarantee intranet rates of availability, transit delay and packet delivery through best-in-class service-level agreements to your primary upstream Internet service providers.

With our intranet solutions, you have access to the highest traffic rate, with a packet loss rate approaching 0%. 802.3 re-route is enabled in every core switch in the network to ensure a faster recovery time over IP based optical networks.

Our intranet and internet services are constantly monitored, and subscribers have access to their network statistics and internet speed and performance.


  • Guaranteed Intranet availability, packet delivery and transit delay
  • Pricing flexibility, including flat port, or tiered service
  • Simplified administration and reduced administrative costs through global account management and invoicing
  • Scalable capacity
  • Single provider or hybrid high-availability Internet services
  • Research and education network access
  • Complete support to quickly resolve problems 24/7/365
  • Flexible access speeds and options, including Ethernet, VoIP and access redundancy options
  • Improved productivity with MPLS Private Network Transport and Software Defined Networks (SDNs)

The key for us was reliability. Prior to signing with Medina County Fiber Network we experienced weekly, even daily disruption; a disaster in the making for any business. Now, in the six years since joining the network we haven’t had a single incidence of downtime but instead enjoy fast, reliable service.

Dave Lehotan, All Construction Services

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