Service Offerings

The Medina County Fiber Network provides businesses and institutions with affordable, robust broadband services and related tools for local, regional and global connectivity.  While some services promise speeds “up to” a given speed, the Fiber Network will always deliver the speed purchased.

Fiber transports your information using light instead of electricity. Light is consistent and doesn’t degrade the signal so it is more reliable. Also, a fiber line cannot be monitored externally so it is more secure than other transport methods.  Fiber is definitely the technology of the future. Future-proof your technology by getting on board the Fiber Network and have the confidence that your growth needs will be met!

Services include:

Data Transport

We deliver capacity and speed (5Mb to 40Gb) while remaining sufficiently versatile to meet the network design requirements of tomorrow.

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Dark Fiber

Does your organization rely on transfers of high volumes of information? We have secure, flexible fiber services that meet your needs.

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Our focus is local, helping Medina County businesses grow. We joined the Medina County Fiber Network because they share that focus. It’s a locally based business designed to foster economic development in our area. It helps us remain competitive and face future challenges and opportunities.

Mark Priebe, Proximity Marketing


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