Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns the Medina County Fiber Network?

Medina County is the owner of the fiber network. The only shareholders are YOU and the rest of the community.

Why was it Built?

Medina County businesses needed a solution that will allow them to grow and compete with other businesses. The Medina County Fiber Network provides the competitive edge with increased data bandwidth to stay ahead of the competition.

Is the Medina County Fiber Network Financially Sound?

Absolutely! The Medina County Fiber Network was financed through bonds and grants and is expected to be self-sustaining by 2018.

Is the Medina County Fiber Network Live?

YES! And we have a number of customers using the network to conduct business every single day!

About the Medina County Fiber Network

With the first customers coming on in 2013, the Medina County Fiber Network (MCFN) is a project managed through the Medina County Port Authority. Funded through revenue development bonds, the MCFN was designed to help companies grow through access to the best technology available. With an eye to the future, the MCFN allows tomorrow’s needs to be met today.

Why are businesses “Jumping On” the Network?

Early adopters indicate speed, reliability, and significant cost-savings as the main reasons for getting on the Medina County Fiber Network. In some cases customers will save tens of thousands of dollars on their services each year.