Referral Program

The Medina County Fiber Network was developed to better serve and attract businesses through technology infrastructure.

Through our fiber referral program, you can help companies gain knowledge of the fiber network and put $1000 in your pocket.

The Medina County Fiber Network is an important economic development tool and an attractive reason for businesses to make Medina County their company’s home.  

Attracting tech-based companies brings higher paying and more secure jobs than traditional manufacturing or service industries. These forward-thinking businesses need information infrastructure based on high performance, high capacity and resilient networks to thrive. Previously shared networks including cable and DSL can no longer handle the heavier demands of today’s industries participating in worldwide economies.  

Through the Medina County Fiber Network, the county can offer significant benefits to modern industries and increase economic development memberships. Consider referring companies who would benefit from faster and more reliable connection to the world.  

How the Referral Program Works

Refer a company and contact to Medina County Fibernet by sending an email to You will be assigned a registration ID that is good for six months.

If the company signs a contract for fiber service with Medina County Fibernet within the six months, you will RECEIVE A CHECK FOR $1000, paid to you in the 4th month of their fiber contract. If a fiber contract is not signed within six months, you can resubmit the referral for another registration ID.

Your company does not have to be a Medina County Fibernet customer to qualify.