The recent quarantine helped illustrate more than ever before the benefits a robust fiber network provides to businesses, governmental institutions and the education system in Medina County. The Medina County Fiber Network offers a level of service and an array of options not found through other service providers. So how is the Medina County Fiber Network truly different? 

  1. Open network. The Medina County Fiber Network uniquely offers a choice among a dozen or so carriers, for more options than a normal commercial network and many more than a single service provider.
  2. Bundling means that businesses can choose more than one carrier for different services; for example, one carrier to provide Internet and another for voice.
  3. Cost—Hands down, service from Medina County Fiber Network costs at least 40% less than any other provider. The number of carriers on the network helps keep prices competitive. And there is no additional markup or fee for carrier diversity.
  4. Response time—Medina County Fiber Network can get service up and running in three weeks, compared to nine to twelve weeks for other service providers. And calls are answered right away with network operation centers staffed 24/7 to respond immediately to any issues.
  5. Autoprotect—Medina County Fiber Network designed the system in loops so that service will not get disconnected. If a backhoe digs up a line or a car takes down a telephone pole, the backbone reroutes the connection so the network stays up and businesses remain operational.
  6. Local—the installation team is local and knows intimately the local regulations and topography. Most carriers are local as well. The fiber installation team works out of Valley City and some carrier choices are located in Summit, Cuyahoga or Medina County. Local also means that the money businesses pay for this service continues to support Medina County.
  7. Testimonials—Eight out of ten of the largest employers in the county have multiple circuits operating due to Medina County Fiber Network. Their favorite aspect? Reliable service.

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