Soprema, a globally recognized manufacturer of commercial roofing and waterproofing products, has been delivering solutions for over 110 years.  

Their U.S. headquarters has called Wadsworth, Ohio home since 1993. Soprema has spent the last several years as a happy customer of the Medina County Fiber Network.  

Check out what Soprema had to say about their experience. 

How did you hear about Medina County Fiber Network? 

“We got interested in the fiber ring for our site through an employee at Soprema. Through his involvement with Medina County Port Authority, he made us aware that this fiber ring was going to be put in and it was close enough to be an option for us.” 

What benefits of the Fiber Network intrigued Soprema? 

“I think it was that consistency that really intrigued us the most.  

We knew putting dark fiber between our buildings was going to really increase our speed, improve stability, allow for scaling resources and the ability to access them very easily and seamlessly no matter if you were in the next building or in the next office.  

For us, it was about the ability to give all users a similar experience.” 

What caused Soprema to make the switch? 

“Once we found out fiber was an option, it was very exciting for us.  

We had been in this building for 19 years and before to get service we had to run independent lines like T1s in some and cable in others and it was very hodgepodge with no consistency. We have multiple buildings so to be able to scale a good solution that we know would give the best experience was vital.”  

How did employees react to the change of Fiber? 

“In Information Technology you have all sorts of metrics and measures to judge this kind of change, but nothing is better than the human reaction, right? With our previous service, users would tell us about how poor it was and that they would be more productive at home, sadly that probably wasn’t wrong.  

After the switch we routinely heard those complaints turn into satisfaction, our user’s satisfaction rate skyrocketed.” 

What would you tell businesses who ask about the Medina County Fiber Network? 

“We would recommend it to other businesses for a couple of reasons. First, you get good stable service, and we had significantly more issues with past providers than we have had with the fiber network.  

The other and most important reason why we would recommend it is that they pick up the phone, whether it is Firstcomm or even David Corrado himself. When we have a major issue, I want to call them, and both pick up the phone. That is something that is lost in today’s world especially in IT, to be able to get that kind of service is really important.” 

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