In a fast-paced, multi-billion-dollar industry, food manufacturers must be sophisticated and advanced in order to compete. Sandridge Foods Corporation in Medina runs a sophisticated operation but needed a high-performance network for data transmission—a system faster than the type supplied by its former provider, and one that could handle a large data load. Sandridge Foods contacted Medina County Fiber Network (MCFN) for fiber service coupled with an updated phone line solution.    

Turning to Medina County Fiber Network, Sandridge not only found a provider that could bundle their services for data transmission (Internet services) along with a phone solution that could handle dozens of lines, Sandridge found it could also realize a cost savings.   

Sandridge Food Corporation was one of the first businesses to take advantage of the Medina County Fiber Network.  Over the years we have found it to not only be incredibly reliable but it saved us quite a bit of money too.  Our company relies heavily on our IT infrastructure and the fiber network is a critical component of our business systems.  We are proud to be a member of the Medina community and proud to be a fervent supporter of the Medina County Fiber Network.

Dane Sandridge, VP of Marketing & Sales Support  

In addition to faster, more secure and reliable Internet and phone service, Sandridge also appreciated that MCFN provided carrier diversity. Sandridge Foods installed MCFN services as their primary carrier alongside a secondary choice for their backup carrier, as a form of insurance to avoid ever having a data shutdown. This infrastructure diversity, or utilization of one service for a main carrier and an alternate as a backup, is common among larger businesses in Medina County.   

Every customer can rely on MCFN for its full backbone redundancy, allowing for a high availability network. This backbone redundancy, by design, creates a fail-safe network by specifying redundant cable paths and an efficient fiber distribution system.  

Regardless of whether your own business has one employee or one hundred, a single phone line or hundreds of phone lines, if you are looking for a high speed of transmission and data security, the Medina County Fiber Network is the right choice for you. If you need a network that is up and ready when you are, give us a call at 330-722-9215 or contact us.