Calling Brunswick home, ACS provides top-quality products and expert installation to residential and commercial builders, and the general public. From outdoor fireplaces and furnishings to indoor bathroom remodels, All Construction Services manages breathtaking projects in both commercial and residential establishments.

Having experienced immense growth, the company needed its network to grow as well. They turned to the Medina County Fiber Network to upgrade their service and have since seen great success. We spoke with David LeHotan to learn more about All Construction’s relationship with the Fiber Network.

Were you experiencing any issues with your prior network?

“Before the fiber network, we were running off of this antenna in the industrial park, and I would describe it as a disaster.

We had weekly and even daily disturbances, and when the provider tried to fix issues, it just continued to be a problem. We knew that to continue growing, we would have to make a switch.”

What had you heard about the Medina County Fiber Network prior to becoming a customer?

“I have been involved in Medina County for over 45 years. I’ve been appointed to several committees and am an advocate of business growth here.

One of the things we knew early on was how important it was to be competitive with other areas who were striving to grow their business sectors like Medina county. A big part of winning that competition was leveraging the fiber network.

We have always felt it was crucial to connect the important parts of the county, including the business parks and high-density business areas. The fiber network, although a significant investment and commitment by the county, helps make us a more attractive place to do business.”

What 2-3 aspects of the Fiber Network were most attractive to you?

“To me, it was most important to help the county and support the efforts. When the county made the investment, which wasn’t minor, to offer the fiber network, I felt obligated that our business take advantage and support the initiative.

Not only does it help the county, but the actual service has improved our business tenfold. It is faster, more reliable and I think in the six years we have been on the network there hasn’t been any downtime which is excellent.”

Was there any feedback internally from employees when you made the switch?

 “Well, I can tell you our head bookkeeper was thrilled. Whenever there was a problem, she was the first person to get a call. I know she was so happy to be able to just do her job without having to deal with the additional headaches caused by a disruption in service.”

How long did the transition process take once your business decided to switch?

“It was a rather quick process, maybe a matter of weeks from what I remember. It was a smooth and easy transition once the fiber was down here in our cul-de-sac. There wasn’t any difficulty, and it worked out very well.”

Would you recommend the fiber network to other local business owners?

“I always do, especially within the Brunswick Business Park. I always stress how important it is that we have a chance to support something that the county has done to help us grow our businesses.

It isn’t just about supporting the county, even though that is important. I truly believe the service is better and more consistent than other options available to them currently.” To learn more about the success your business can have with the Medina County Fiber Network, contact us.