While some broadband companies hype their 10G networks, it’s important to separate fact from fiction in those performance claims. The fact is, the Medina County Fiber Network has been providing 10G bandwidth to enterprise   customers for the past eight years, making us the oldest and most experienced true fiber-optic internet company in Media County. Our residential network has been designed to handle the capacity for offering 10G circuits.

So how do we stack up compared to other super high-speed offers?


Other internet companies claim to deliver 200 megabyte per second (Mbps) performance, which isn’t entirely true because they don’t provide a dedicated circuit to their subscribers. Shared circuits mean shared bandwidth — diluting your actual upload and download speeds. For example, if you expect 200 x 200 performance, at any given time your speed could drop to 200 x 20 or 100 x 100.

When you choose the Medina County Fiber Network, you get a dedicated circuit directly from our fiber ring to your business—delivering consistent, reliable upload and download speeds. Our 200 X 200 fiber speed is exactly what you’ll get at all times.


With a 100G network backbone and 14 internet service providers to choose from, we have more capacity, and offer more options, than anyone else in Medina County. No other internet company even comes close. Instead of being trapped by a particular carrier, you have the freedom to explore multiple options and have them compete for your business.


In addition to blazing speed, superior service and dedicated connections, we’re also the low-cost provider of internet services for enterprise-level businesses across the region. In fact, we are the most budget-friendly fiber network in Medina County.


From large corporations with multiple facilities to small law firms that need instant access to information in court, the MCFN is here for you. Our enterprise-level package includes:

  • Protected backbone – our network redundancy ensures you’ll always be connected.
  • Local office – Many of our carriers are headquartered in Medina and Summit County.
  • Local fiber support – Medina County Fiber uses Allied Cable that is located in Valley City.
  • 24 hour monitoring of Medina Fiber Equipment and partner carrier equipment.
  • Must answer support center 24 hours per day.
  • Enterprise class equipment.
  • Service level agreement – we fix issues within 4 hours or we pay you.
  • Dedicated circuit and bandwidth – guaranteed and not shared.
  • Ultra-reliable connections – 99.99% uptime.
  • Granular pricing – only pay for the bandwidth you need.
  • Multiple voice products and connections.

More About Us

The Medina County Fiber Network is a critical component of our region’s communication infrastructure. It’s comprised of hundreds of miles of fiber-optic cables that allow area residents, businesses, schools, government agencies and health care organizations to move data across the world at the speed of light. This technology is exponentially faster than traditional phone lines and cable company connections, and it opens the door to a whole new world of applications and connectivity.

Call us today at (330) 723-8028 to learn how we can help your business by providing true 10G service at the lowest rates in Medina County. We’re excited to hear from you.