First located in Brunswick and now Seville, V3 Transportation helps time-sensitive shipments get from point A to point B with incredible speed and precision.  For V3, communication is critical, and dealing with past telecommunications provider issues kept the business from running at optimal performance.

V3 Transportation was one of the earliest adopters of the Medina County Fiber Network, and they have been thrilled by their experience with the county’s fiber offering.

Were you experiencing any issues with your prior network?

“When we first moved into the Brunswick Industrial Park, we just had a traditional cable connection through another provider. The service made it tough for us to operate from a business standpoint, and we began to investigate other options.

With our VoIP phone system, the amount of bandwidth we were using and the calls coming in and going out, we had to reset the internet switch at least a dozen times a day. It became a real detriment to our productivity, and our type of business must have constant communication for success.”

How did you hear about the Medina County Fiber Network, and why did you decide to make the switch?

“When we first moved into our business park location, there was only one real option for Internet.

Eventually, we learned about the fiber network because we saw it being put in around the business park. We got in contact and learned more from David Corrado before deciding to make the switch. At a previous business, we worked with a T1 connection, and we knew how much better fiber was than even a T1, so we were eager to make the change as soon as possible.”

Was the transition quick and smooth?

“We knew it would take some time before we were up and running on the network, but we were good to go in a couple of weeks.

Having to run the lines took up the bulk of the time, but overall, it was a smooth process. We went in with the expectation that it would take several weeks or months before the connection was established.”

Did employees have any feedback on the change?

“Our internal staff was thrilled with the decision to switch networks.

With over 50 people in our office now, we know they felt less frustration and a better ability to do their jobs without having to worry about continually resetting the network or trying to find solutions to interruptions.

Our business always needs to stay connected, and phone and emails need to be intact. We haven’t heard any negative feedback from our staff in the five years we have been on the Medina County Fiber Network.”

Would you recommend the Medina County Fiber Network to others?

“We absolutely recommend the fiber network to new and existing businesses within the county. We moved from the business park to a new location in Seville, and we were thrilled with our ability to maintain that network and continue using it for our business.

We maintain an active backup connection in case there are downtime issues. In the several years we have had the backup network, we have yet to need it, that is the level of reliability we have found with our current service. We would recommend it to anyone who wants to upgrade to a faster and more reliable option.” While each business’s motivations for a change are different, the Medina County Fiber Network has made marked improvements in productivity for all of them. Are you ready?  Contact us to learn more.